Book Review: Baby Bandage and His First Aid Family

Introduce your kid to first-aid in a gentle and engaging way with the " Baby Bandage and the First Aid family " book. Dr. Laurie Zelinger has once again done a remarkable job! This book is a perfect tool to teach your little ones about first-aid and the importance of caring for themselves and others. They learn essential first-aid skills that nurture their sense of care and empathy. The book starts with an introduction to the first-aid aisle, a big step forward for young toddlers and preschoolers to understand how and what they need to do to heal their wounds. Questions smother their mind as to how each item can help them, and they quickly learn to use them when needed. Click HERE to buy the book In addition to learning about different items that can assist with first-aid, young children also learn important values through this book. They learn values such as waiting patiently for their turn and the importance of f