H stands for Humanity

Ever wondered about the attribute of an Alphabet Book when you instinctively give it to your little one? A conscious observation will reveal that among the first few things that a child, more often than not, engages with is an Alphabet Book. Though languages become a part of her life, the moment she starts picking up sounds, it is only through an ABC book that a child, yes unknowingly, is made to step into the world of literacy and wholesome education. In fact, the book initiates in a tender mind the interesting yet intriguing process of associating visuals with sounds and then attaching a name (a noun) to it, just before it is linked or made to represent an object or a concept in the real world. So somehow an Alphabet Book unlocks a new space for the child, that into which she would very soon belong and make sense of. Apparently, an Alphabet Book introduces a beginner to the letters of the alphabet, its capitals and lower case forms and eventually proceeds to the m