Book Review : A Piece of Peace

A book by Sweta Srivastava Vikram ! The perfect parcel of potions that one can sip on one page at a time and let the magic gradually transpire. W e inherently try to retain our emotions and thoughts. In the process, all remain in a hoard within ourselves while we continue to pursue massing it. Eventually, this affair summons the need for mindfulness, self-connection, and revival. Click HERE to buy the book That is when "A Piece of Peace" on the bedside nook can serve as our rescue parcel! One can read a chapter from the book and instantly connect with her ingrained emotions. To be able to understand and be cognizant of them. Sweta Vikram's book is the perfect parcel of potions that one can sip on one page at a time and let the magic gradually transpire! Even so, you will be entirely surprised to find numerous familiar and relevant questions answered throughout the book. We had to mention below some of the questions she answe

How best to Retire for the Day?

With a content heart and peaceful mind. E nding your day on a positive note is the secret to a happy and healthy life. When you end your day right, the next morning is automatically off to a good start. You may feel stressed and worn out at the end of your work shift, but you still have a couple of hours to turn things around. You may have encountered your fair share of challenges and grievances, but all is to be forgotten by sunset. The final target of the day should be to retire to bed with a content heart and peaceful mind. Here’s a list of things you can do to retire for the day in the best way possible 1. Take a Walk An evening walk serves as a light form of exercise and helps the muscles relax. You can walk alone and reminisce in special moments of the day or have someone accompany you to exchange thoughts; if you have a pet dog, let them tag along. Walk outdoors on a quiet street or at a park nearby to savor the freshness of green landscapes. 2. Wr