Book Review : Beachcombers

Who doesn’t long for an amazing adventure and that too on a beach with friends and fun? And how effectively can a book entertain and empower at the same time? A Answers to such questions lie embedded in the interesting story, lucid language, evocative illustrations, and engaging exchange of Beachcombers: A Clementine the Rescue Dog story. In this book, Kyle Torke, the man who believes in the power of imagination and the possibility of exploration, narrates the story of three adolescents, Taliss, Conrad, and Coover, and their fantastic canine friend, Clementine. As the story progresses, the beach comes alive to the reader with its beauty and bounty. Any little enthusiast gets to meet sandpipers, starfish, purple crabs, grey snakes, seagulls, and pelicans along with cliffs, surf, flowers, and waves. Simultaneously, conscious activities that need to be undertaken to preserve the beach and its ecosystem are categorically mentioned. For instance, the removal of plastic for r