Book Review : Can You Explain Anxiety?

With Simple Biology and Solutions for Children and Parents. M ost of us grown-ups rarely take notice of anxiety or would rather say never acknowledge the state of stress in our kids. We often consider it a daily occurrence that invariably concludes with an adult reassuring the kid that there is no need to worry or stress out. Or sometimes even labeling it as a dramatic outpour! Please explain "Anxiety" to me! - is a one-of-its-kind of book that reveals the behind-the-scenes of when a kid is anxious. After reading this book, a grown-up realizes the need to sit down with his kid and listen to why he is anxious? One understands the spectacle behind such an event - and forge a deep understanding of the mechanisms at work, like the nifty explanation of an on-off switch. The sympathetic nervous system in our body switches on when we think we're in danger. A small part of our brain makes that happen. It's called the amygdala (a-mig'-da-la). It