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Book Review : Power Down & Parent Up

The book "Power Down & Parent Up," by Holli Kenley - says it is all about cyberbullying, screen dependence, and raising tech-healthy children. T hat reminds me of what my six-year-old had asked Santa as his last year's Christmas present - a tablet. Santa might give her a tablet this Christmas, but that keeps us, parents, on our toes thinking about whether it will be appropriate for the little one. Presently, technology has become a boon and a curse in itself. No wonder parents struggle to understand what to do and what should be the limitation imposed on kids to use it. It's a constant hassle between kids and parents. Let alone when it becomes a demand and addiction for these little ones. Can you even imagine the vast virtual world they get exposed to and how vulnerable they are there? Holli Kenley 's book analyzes, resolves, and tackles such daily hassles giving parents the upper hand when dealing with kids and technology. A book you can pick up

Book Review : A Piece of Peace

A book by Sweta Srivastava Vikram ! The perfect parcel of potions that one can sip on one page at a time and let the magic gradually transpire. W e inherently try to retain our emotions and thoughts. In the process, all remain in a hoard within ourselves while we continue to pursue massing it. Eventually, this affair summons the need for mindfulness, self-connection, and revival. Click HERE to buy the book That is when "A Piece of Peace" on the bedside nook can serve as our rescue parcel! One can read a chapter from the book and instantly connect with her ingrained emotions. To be able to understand and be cognizant of them. Sweta Vikram's book is the perfect parcel of potions that one can sip on one page at a time and let the magic gradually transpire! Even so, you will be entirely surprised to find numerous familiar and relevant questions answered throughout the book. We had to mention below some of the questions she answe

Book Review : Explain Alzheimer's

Yet another enlightening book by Dr. Laurie Zelinger ! L ittle do we comprehend Alzheimer's disease or its victims. It is still newly found for many with very complex, challenging, and changing behaviors. A comprehensive book that explains Alzheimer's The book "Please Explain 'Alzheimer's Disease' to Me" by Dr. Laurie Zelinger serves as a consolidated guide for every parent and caregiver. The illustrations in the book weave a beautiful story of Seth, a little boy, and his grandma. We, in turn, get a vivid picture of the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Later in the book, the readers also find answers to several questions they might have in mind about the illness. In 2020, 6 million adults in the United States alone were diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, which is a large number by itself and that we further expect to increase. This book will help families proficiently manage - when they have to engage with kids a

Book Review : 101 Tips to Lighten your Burden

Direct, Simple and Relatable I n a world where you find your existence beset with struggles and strife, 101 Tips To Lighten Your Burden by Jennifer Bonn is the perfect book to pick up. It not only offers a lighthearted and realistic approach to deal with the serious and unresolved issues of life but also offers a palpable means to cope with them. The book also delivers empowering messages to the reader and assures him of the fact that he is not alone in this battle. There are countless others who are confronting challenges every day and looking for ways to overcome them. Jennifer Bon’s book is the quintessential response to all of them. Click HERE to buy the book Apart from scoring high on relatability, an interesting aspect of the book is the strategic manner of developing the ideas in different precise paragraphs with very apt and relevant titles. In fact, such a methodical sequence is possible only by one who is a teacher and a writer at the sam

Book Review : Can You Explain Anxiety?

With Simple Biology and Solutions for Children and Parents. M ost of us grown-ups rarely take notice of anxiety or would rather say never acknowledge the state of stress in our kids. We often consider it a daily occurrence that invariably concludes with an adult reassuring the kid that there is no need to worry or stress out. Or sometimes even labeling it as a dramatic outpour! Please explain "Anxiety" to me! - is a one-of-its-kind of book that reveals the behind-the-scenes of when a kid is anxious. After reading this book, a grown-up realizes the need to sit down with his kid and listen to why he is anxious? One understands the spectacle behind such an event - and forge a deep understanding of the mechanisms at work, like the nifty explanation of an on-off switch. The sympathetic nervous system in our body switches on when we think we're in danger. A small part of our brain makes that happen. It's called the amygdala (a-mig'-da-la). It

Book Review : I Hate Shots

Please Explain Vaccines to Me Because I HATE SHOTS! is the perfect book to read to your child, engage her thoughts, and prepare her for one of the most fundamental tasks in her life. I ndeed vaccines and shots are an indispensable part of every individual growing up. To address such a fundamental yet binding concern in such a remarkable way is possible only by someone who has firsthand experience and expertise. Our author, Dr. Laurie Zelinger , is a seasoned child psychologist. She is commendable in her presentation of this general medical procedure. The facts related to it, the fears associated with it, and the means of manipulating it to ease a child's interaction with needles, be it shots, blood tests, or vaccines. Now, by the year-end of 2021, we can, with one accord, acknowledge how vaccines have become a strong shield for the human community. We now understand that Epidemics and Pandemics can prevail and mutilate a large portion of society within months, let alone