Book Review : Up Bow Down Bow

I am a string mom of a 5th grader who invariably looks forward to her son improving his listening skills and identifying the upbows. R eading the book "Up Bow Down Bow" by Nancy M. Schwartz and April E. Beard made me sense that same excitement in Nancy, a mother, who saw her youngest son Alex's desire to learn and love music. She felt the pure bliss and emotions of music seep into Alex and positively impact every facet of his development. The love for music is reflected even in the words of April, Alex's music teacher, who narrates every other chapter in the book. She is a core believer in Alex's abilities! The writing style is elegant and immersive, making it easy to get lost in the story of Alex. The vivid descriptions of Nancy, April, and Alex's teamwork are also deftly woven into the narrative. It is a powerful reminder of staying true to one's passion. Every section of the book recounts a mighty beam of hope, a learning