You articulate and We amplify!

Yes, we promote. Your niche to our fan-base and in doing this we believe in forging strong relationships that will help us take bolder strides ahead.

What or who do we promote?

. Small business/organizations (household and semi-scale)
· Other blog and bloggers
· Writers
· Special events
· Places
· And anything that might be relevant to our daily life and approved by Quotidian Tales

What we do not promote?

· Specific products
· Adult content
· Abusive content
· Any kind of provocative material
· Any content which is not mentioned here but may be deemed inappropriate by Quotidian Tales

We require the following from you

· Organization/Website name (If applicable)
. Individual’s name, address, email and phone number
· The content which will appear on our website which includes as applicable - Title, set of pictures, headings/captions, visuals/illustrations, video and anything which is relevant to the promotion and needs to be on the post
. Paypal account for any monetary transaction and for our record

Cost to you

We charge a non-refundable flat rate for each promotion post(which includes consultancy, review, design, posting, social media promotion and SEO). We would charge a minimal added fee for an extra feature. A viewership of more than 10K (page analytics will be shared with you) would need an extra monthly fee. If payment is not received Quotidian Tales holds right to remove the post with or without notice.

We provide our customers with a free feature once every 6 months as a small token of gratitude. We will send over an invoice on receiving payment.

Any promotion post/ special event which is deemed one-time will only need the flat rate charge. However, if it remains on the website for more than 3 months, it will be treated as a regular promotion post in which case all the other rules apply.

So, let us indicate your ingenuity to the world! Connect to consolidate.

Email us at

Price and policies are subject to change at any time and are only relevant thereafter.

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