Book Review : Power Down & Parent Up

The book "Power Down & Parent Up," by Holli Kenley - says it is all about cyberbullying, screen dependence, and raising tech-healthy children. T hat reminds me of what my six-year-old had asked Santa as his last year's Christmas present - a tablet. Santa might give her a tablet this Christmas, but that keeps us, parents, on our toes thinking about whether it will be appropriate for the little one. Presently, technology has become a boon and a curse in itself. No wonder parents struggle to understand what to do and what should be the limitation imposed on kids to use it. It's a constant hassle between kids and parents. Let alone when it becomes a demand and addiction for these little ones. Can you even imagine the vast virtual world they get exposed to and how vulnerable they are there? Holli Kenley 's book analyzes, resolves, and tackles such daily hassles giving parents the upper hand when dealing with kids and technology. A book you can pick up