Book Review : Grateful to be Grace

A compelling story for teaching a child to say "I choose to do" and develop the practice of Positive Thinking… D on't we all have a difficult time getting our kids do simple chores? Don't we feel upset when they refuse to listen to our instructions and be productive? Don't we wonder what we could tell them to help them take right decisions and develop the right attitude towards life? Then this book by the versatile author, Maggy Williams , has the perfect solution to our complications and concerns. Click HERE to buy the book Through lively illustrations and a conversational presentation, we come across the daily dilemmas of a girl called Grace and how she usually responds to them. Till one day, her Dad explains to her that "…most times, we do have a choice." The word "choice" acts as a trigger and she feels "an inner shift" and from that moment, every activity that she accomplishes is her decision and not a co