Book Review: The Perfect Gift

Who wouldn't love coloring, and that too, coloring one's perfect world? I t's a simple compilation that is unrestrained by its simplicity! "The Perfect Gift" allows readers to personalize the book to cater to their imagination and solace. That is where Lauren Persons has tingled the sense of wonderment for kids that can otherwise leave us adults clueless. What we love about this book is that it's not just about drawing and coloring. It also features a cue on every other page to tap into your imagination as you color your way through the story. It's a fun and engaging way to keep your kid evoked as she unwinds and unfolds. Click HERE to buy the book You can also by the book in L.H. Press How would you address those who argue that coloring books are marketed primarily to children, and that adults should engage in more intellectually stimulating routines? Well, you can hand them this book that lets a grownup

Eternal moments…

Reward yourself as a parent. Happiness begins with you. I t was an unusually busy day. Working on a gruelling assignment, I was engrossed in the editing process of the photographs. It had to be furnished to the client the following day. A rather pesky nudge distracted me. I turned around to notice my 7-year-old (but threatening to pose as a grown-up) daughter standing right next to me. She was beaming as she broke out the headlines of her day, “I have something for you.” Seconds seemed an eternity to the little one as she struggled with time to divulge the surprise she had in store for me. Hurriedly, she took out a notebook from her school bag. Deftly flipping through a few pages, she halted only when she arrived at the one, the one that was meant for me. It was not a school exercise or some graded sheet. It did not boast of her exceptional performance or clamoured for my attention and appreciation. It was just a few words, randomly chosen by her to express an emotion that