Book Review: Baby Bandage and His First Aid Family

Introduce your kid to first-aid in a gentle and engaging way with the "Baby Bandage and the First Aid family" book.

Dr.Laurie Zelinger has once again done a remarkable job! This book is a perfect tool to teach your little ones about first-aid and the importance of caring for themselves and others. They learn essential first-aid skills that nurture their sense of care and empathy.

The book starts with an introduction to the first-aid aisle, a big step forward for young toddlers and preschoolers to understand how and what they need to do to heal their wounds. Questions smother their mind as to how each item can help them, and they quickly learn to use them when needed.

Front cover of book

Picture from the book cover

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In addition to learning about different items that can assist with first-aid, young children also learn important values through this book. They learn values such as waiting patiently for their turn and the importance of family bonding. The story in "Baby Bandage and the First Aid family" helps young minds understand the critical role they can play when in need - no matter how young they are!

Dr. Zelinger has seamlessly integrated these values into the storyline. Accompanied by bold and striking illustrations by Elisa Sabella, the book fulfills its purpose. Learning about first-aid can be an enriching experience for young children, also enabling parents to navigate the everyday bumps and bruises of childhood.

Grab your copy now and let your kids learn while having fun! This book is deemed ideal for children anywhere between the ages of 3 to 7 years old.

Baby Bandage and the First Aid family Review

Dr Zelinger's Baby Bandage is another must-have for parents, health professionals, educators, and all who love or care for children. Her endearing characters, engaging and age-appropriate story, and accompanying parent notes help to alleviate the anxiety and fear often associated with childhood injuries while reinforcing the family values of love, empathy, and resiliency.
Darlene Glasser, RN, MSED, Retired school nurse

I absolutely loved Baby Bandage! Dr. Zelinger's characters and fun illustrations take the fear out of 'booboos' and all the things associated with them. In addition, her skillful storytelling weaves in essential lessons on confidence, patience, and recognizing the important roles we all play in this world. Baby Bandage is a wonderful resource for parents and educators alike.
Linda Abraham MLS, Peninsula Public Library

Dr. Zelinger creates a make-believe world where first aid remedies are personified. Through story and illustration, children enter this world and discover that bandages come in all sizes, colors, and shapes and have different and important roles. Young children love covering their ouchies; this story will hold their attention and teach them valuable lessons. As an early childhood educator and a grandma, I recommend Baby Bandage to encourage dialogue about little hurts and booboos.
Barbara Alster, MS, early childhood education teacher

I am delighted to see the word 'Booboos' on the cover. My six-year-old still uses this term for any cuts and bruises and has impeccably transferred the term to name her bandages. She keeps a whole stack of bandages and alcohol wipes for - no matter what - emergencies. This book now sits right below her first-aid kit.
Joyeeta Mukherjee, Homemaker and Content creator at Quotidian Tales

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Barbara said…
What in an interesting way to get kiddos to learn about first aid.

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