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Ingenuity, hard work, and perseverance are the cornerstones of our work and our blog. Starting from content discovery and going all the way till promotions, we love and respect our work at every stage, and take great care to deliver it at our best. And that is precisely what we expect of our guest writers. The motive is to create a concoction of ideas and expressions into a wholesome offering for our readers.

We intend to value our guest writers and look forward to forging a permanent relationship with them. Collaborations help strengthen and sustain, you’ll agree. Posting an article on Quotidian Tales instantly allows your content to be viewed by our fan-base. We have a very loyal readership with 1000s of page views every month.

The three sections/categories of Quotidian Tales are ‘Sparkles’, ‘Pause.Ponder.Proceed’ and ‘Intangible’. We have a detailed description of the content of these sections right here. Also, read Our Story to know about us and our team.

Cost to you


We only need fresh content and fine thoughts! The rest is taken care of. We recommend the article to be within 1000 words as our readers' demand.

An extra feature or promotion will cost you and the amount will be decided on need and availability.

Contact us at quotidiantales@gmail.com for further details.

Fit in and Know-how

Your article will undergo review and scrutiny by our writer/editor and might be rejected if not appropriate, or doesn’t fit in. We reserve all rights to make minor changes or even reject the article if needed. Quotidian Tales also reserves the right to take down the article if needed with or without notice to the guest writer.

The final article will always need approval from both the guest writer and Quotidian Tales and only then can it be published.

We take care of SEO for popular search engines. Considering our share-base, we promote the article only on Facebook and Pinterest. Any other kind of promotion or sharing is solely your responsibility.

Comments are allowed on guest posts and are solely handled by Quotidian Tales. Any suggestion or correction by the guest writer is most welcome but it requires the consent of both the writer and Quotidian Tales.

We require the following from you

· The title for the article
· A strap relevant to the article
· The word count (excluding title, strap, and excerpt)
· The article
· Two short excerpts to add to the article for visual enhancement (optional)
· A short one-line bio and a small personal picture to add to the end of the article
· If you want to add any kind of photograph or illustration, it needs to be provided by you (optional)
· Your email or phone number for our records

If you are interested in writing a guest post on Quotidian Tales

Please email us at quotidiantales@gmail.com. Also, feel free to email us about any further queries or concerns.

Policies are subject to change at any time and are only relevant thereafter.

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