Ribbons from Anna

Trying to find the motif in good deeds, I suddenly stumble upon this remarkable lineage that keeps me hooked on the stranger I confront. I n a small town where good deeds are accountable, I obsess about uncovering the hidden motives behind people's seemingly altruistic actions. I had become somewhat of a cynic, always searching for the ulterior motives or the hidden flaws in even the noblest gestures. One day, while waiting for the bus on my daily commute, I noticed a stranger - a woman with an air of mystery about her. She was handing out sandwiches to the homeless people who gathered at the stand, her smile genuine and her demeanor warm. As I watched her interact, I couldn't help but wonder, what was she gaining from this act of kindness? I approached her, my skepticism pricking at the back of my mind. "Excuse me," I said, "I couldn't help but notice you've been here every day, helping out. What's your story?" She turned to me wit