A Magical Summer Camp

Looking for a summer camp to keep your kids learning? J oin a special one-week online summer camp with award-winning magician Nathaniel Segal! Learn super fun and easy magic with everyday objects. Register at: ONE WEEK ONLY! June 21st - 25th from 2:00 - 4:00 PM (PT) In this special one-week magic camp, you will learn incredible magic with everyday objects! Each class teaches simple and fun tricks that you can actually do! The $125 registration includes the classes and a special mailed package of materials! Register now! The class is limited to just 30 participants. Use code QT10 for an additional $10 off Here are some of the exciting things you will get to experience in each class: Learn incredible magic that can be done easily, and each trick we will go more in-depth and discuss some of the ways that you can make the performances even better with basic theater and magic theory See some of the most inc

Beauty on the other side

There is something unexplainably beautiful about walking around with a broken soul... Like the entire existence offering you help to become whole... A little bit of everything comes and tries to fill the crater... From all the whispers in the air... to the music in the ripples of water... So much of the magic has so far been unnoticed... They say it's my lowest... but am grateful... this is the best I have seen... By: Shreya Basu © Quotidian Tales