Book Review : A Piece of Peace

A book by Sweta Srivastava Vikram ! The perfect parcel of potions that one can sip on one page at a time and let the magic gradually transpire. W e inherently try to retain our emotions and thoughts. In the process, all remain in a hoard within ourselves while we continue to pursue massing it. Eventually, this affair summons the need for mindfulness, self-connection, and revival. Click HERE to buy the book That is when "A Piece of Peace" on the bedside nook can serve as our rescue parcel! One can read a chapter from the book and instantly connect with her ingrained emotions. To be able to understand and be cognizant of them. Sweta Vikram's book is the perfect parcel of potions that one can sip on one page at a time and let the magic gradually transpire! Even so, you will be entirely surprised to find numerous familiar and relevant questions answered throughout the book. We had to mention below some of the questions she answe

You’ll be happy if you know it

A conscious endeavour to foster happiness can help you make a habit out of it. I had seen a photograph of my friend’s daughter. She was right in the midst of greenery, kneeling down and lively in the lap of nature. Her wonder-filled eyes and infectious smile seized my second. Unknowingly, I experienced the happiness that the instant eternalised in itself. I felt it. I wished if only I could hold on to that happiness or engage with it as effortlessly as the child did. The absurdist author, Albert Camus, wrote, "You will never be happy if for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life." But we are incorrigible. Each of us is in pursuit of happiness. Few realise, it is but a function of our will. Some claim to have found it in their own bitter-sweet ways. The other day, I heard my daughter singing full-throated, the insanely-popular Pharrell Williams song, 'Happy'. She was rehearsing her Zumb