The New Mantra for the New Day!

The takeaway is that while industry is imperative, you will thrive only if you are adept at unlearning, hustling and aggressively finding solutions in a world where AI is taking over even before you are aware of it. S undays for me are laidback and without any alarms or reminders. I had just completed my yoga, mostly breathing exercises minus the rigour that a flushed Kareena Kapoor inspires through hers, that I received a YouTube video in my really-close-friends' WhatsApp group. The one who sent it, mentioned that it had pertinent information for parents and being on a roller-coaster ride with my teenager, I intended to at least skip-and-watch through it sometime. With the post-breakfast coffee in my hand, I started listening to it. Before long, I got so hooked to the ideas discussed and directions doled out that I was totally convinced of sharing it with others. To sum it up in a single word, it is all about "Newness," which the dictionary defines as the