Book Review: Harvey the Hippo meets Mickey Mandarin

What a radical and riveting way to present an extremely relevant yet sensitive issue to its targeted audience! I ndeed, Abby Pete’s book, Harvey the Hippo meets Mickey Mandarin thoughtfully rules out exclusivity to embrace inclusivity with a tenderness that is apt for young minds. Acceptance of the fluidity of gender and a non-binary approach towards others are the fresh perspectives that this engaging read offers. Click HERE to buy the book You can also by the book in Barnes and Noble and L.H. Press The story is about Harvey, the hippo , who being a “he” and a “him”, lives in the zoo with his family and friends. They are Zo, the Zebra, who likes to be called “they” and “them”, Ginger, the giraffe, whose preferred pronouns are “she” and “her” and other animals too. However, their differences in identities do not affect their friendship but rather strengthen their bonds. In fact, the animals accept their friends as they are and engage in pl

To Dread Midlife

They say that the 40s is midlife, and it's a crisis! H aving recently stepped into the fussy yet fascinating Forty Club, there is one thing I get to hear from friends and familiars alike. It is called a "Midlife Crisis"! Yes, you read that right. Be it someone not getting her long-deserved promotion and sulking over it or someone becoming quiet in a relationship (I bet the years of togetherness often render one speechless!), it is the midlife crisis that has to shoulder the blame. On the other side, if a so-long introvert suddenly starts churning out recurrent reels on her reinvented self and revamped life, again the clueless crisis is held culpable for it. Even a parent reacting to the tireless tantrums of her teenager (that's me!) is labeled as going through that particular phase of life. Every change physical, mental, financial or social, for the better or the worse (depends on the beholder) is callously yet confidently pushed within this b