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Book Review : Up Bow Down Bow

I am a string mom of a 5th grader who invariably looks forward to her son improving his listening skills and identifying the upbows. R eading the book "Up Bow Down Bow" by Nancy M. Schwartz and April E. Beard made me sense that same excitement in Nancy, a mother, who saw her youngest son Alex's desire to learn and love music. She felt the pure bliss and emotions of music seep into Alex and positively impact every facet of his development. The love for music is reflected even in the words of April, Alex's music teacher, who narrates every other chapter in the book. She is a core believer in Alex's abilities! The writing style is elegant and immersive, making it easy to get lost in the story of Alex. The vivid descriptions of Nancy, April, and Alex's teamwork are also deftly woven into the narrative. It is a powerful reminder of staying true to one's passion. Every section of the book recounts a mighty beam of hope, a learning

Book Review : Beachcombers

Who doesn’t long for an amazing adventure and that too on a beach with friends and fun? And how effectively can a book entertain and empower at the same time? A Answers to such questions lie embedded in the interesting story, lucid language, evocative illustrations, and engaging exchange of Beachcombers: A Clementine the Rescue Dog story. In this book, Kyle Torke, the man who believes in the power of imagination and the possibility of exploration, narrates the story of three adolescents, Taliss, Conrad, and Coover, and their fantastic canine friend, Clementine. As the story progresses, the beach comes alive to the reader with its beauty and bounty. Any little enthusiast gets to meet sandpipers, starfish, purple crabs, grey snakes, seagulls, and pelicans along with cliffs, surf, flowers, and waves. Simultaneously, conscious activities that need to be undertaken to preserve the beach and its ecosystem are categorically mentioned. For instance, the removal of plastic for r

Book Review : I am Mixed and I am Me

To be proud of one's identity! A cceptance of the self and others through appreciation and empathy lies at the heart of Sarah Porter’s book I’m Mixed and I’m Me . And while the subject seems one that needs to be pondered on, the presentation is just the contrary. A delightful read, it can aptly address tender minds and enable them to imbibe the message, which is crucial and compelling. The book begins with Snacks introducing himself and his sister, Wiggles, and promising to tell the reader "our own story," which he admits is rather unique. The first thing that we get to know is that their parents are from "different places," an aspect that gets starkly noted due to their obvious difference in skin color. Nonetheless, black lips kiss as softly as white ones and both parents are similar in showering love and shaping lives. Click HERE to buy the book Snacks assert that they are lucky to have dissimilar parents as that allows them to go on

Book Review : Grateful to be Grace

A compelling story for teaching a child to say "I choose to do" and develop the practice of Positive Thinking… D on't we all have a difficult time getting our kids do simple chores? Don't we feel upset when they refuse to listen to our instructions and be productive? Don't we wonder what we could tell them to help them take right decisions and develop the right attitude towards life? Then this book by the versatile author, Maggy Williams , has the perfect solution to our complications and concerns. Click HERE to buy the book Through lively illustrations and a conversational presentation, we come across the daily dilemmas of a girl called Grace and how she usually responds to them. Till one day, her Dad explains to her that "…most times, we do have a choice." The word "choice" acts as a trigger and she feels "an inner shift" and from that moment, every activity that she accomplishes is her decision and not a co

Book Review : Harvey The Hippo

The tale of an adorable floating Hippo who eventually make good food choices. T his book , its illustrations, and the story are a sheer joy to young readers! Have you not had this conversation with your kids and asked them to make good food habits? That whole conversation becomes easy when they read about Harvey, their hippo friend, touring the entire world and finally deciding to pick healthy food options. Crisp rhythm, friendly tone, and valor reside throughout the tale of Harvey. The floating part of the story bring kids into a pleasant aura where they can feel free and light while connecting to their little friend. Moreover, how author Abby Pete tours Harvey through the different cities around the world instills curiosity in a kid's mind about cultures and food habits in various parts of the world. We cannot disagree that it harvests awareness about food and health in diverse setups. Click HERE to buy the book Harvey The Hippo - is a great fee

Book Review : Explain Alzheimer's

Yet another enlightening book by Dr. Laurie Zelinger ! L ittle do we comprehend Alzheimer's disease or its victims. It is still newly found for many with very complex, challenging, and changing behaviors. A comprehensive book that explains Alzheimer's The book "Please Explain 'Alzheimer's Disease' to Me" by Dr. Laurie Zelinger serves as a consolidated guide for every parent and caregiver. The illustrations in the book weave a beautiful story of Seth, a little boy, and his grandma. We, in turn, get a vivid picture of the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Later in the book, the readers also find answers to several questions they might have in mind about the illness. In 2020, 6 million adults in the United States alone were diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, which is a large number by itself and that we further expect to increase. This book will help families proficiently manage - when they have to engage with kids a

Book Review : 101 Tips to Lighten your Burden

Direct, Simple and Relatable I n a world where you find your existence beset with struggles and strife, 101 Tips To Lighten Your Burden by Jennifer Bonn is the perfect book to pick up. It not only offers a lighthearted and realistic approach to deal with the serious and unresolved issues of life but also offers a palpable means to cope with them. The book also delivers empowering messages to the reader and assures him of the fact that he is not alone in this battle. There are countless others who are confronting challenges every day and looking for ways to overcome them. Jennifer Bon’s book is the quintessential response to all of them. Click HERE to buy the book Apart from scoring high on relatability, an interesting aspect of the book is the strategic manner of developing the ideas in different precise paragraphs with very apt and relevant titles. In fact, such a methodical sequence is possible only by one who is a teacher and a writer at the sam

Bonds and Beyond…

Undoubtedly, the journey from the vulnerable to the fortified self had not been an undemanding one. Nonetheless, it was possible only because Ashima found friends, almost discovered them, here and there and everywhere by changing, not only her perception but also her perspective towards attachment and association. T he digital clock on her phone screamed nine o’clock! As her thoughts raced to collect all that she had missed in the past couple of hours, Ashima struggled with the obstinate slumber that still slowed her down. Indeed, she was getting reckless by the day. Streaming through series upto the ungodly hours of the night was bound to find someone of her age, fazed and furtive the following day. Living single was liberating after decades of dealing with others but that could barely defend the delinquent demeanor she had displayed lately. Absolving herself too quickly, she put on a feisty mood and went about with her morning ablutions, humming to herself all the while. As