Alone Time

Sometimes that means stepping away from it all and spending some time on your own. B eing alone is when you stop absorbing other people's ideas for a time. We often don't realise how much other people influence us. By spending some time alone, we get to hear what the heart says and how the brain reacts to it, get to know the true side of ourselves. Spending time alone is not just for introverts. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, work from home or office, have a family or not, we all benefit from having some time for ourselves. In our society, we value the hyperactive person, the one who has too much to do and does not have enough time. We even call people who spend a lot of time by themselves 'weird' or self-centric, which is not appropriate. In a world where we are taught to want more and acquire more, sometimes it feels overwhelming. We start feeling anxious or end up with too many thoughts in our minds. One of the best things to do is m

My daily dose of dawn

As I witness the grey dawn break out into streaks of gold... I smell the bitter-sweet air and let my heart unfold... I wonder if it fuses our worlds or does it cruelly divide... As I slip into the day and you into night... The mighty fireball cleaving our skies... And still the misty air...stirs up thoughts very fond... I bask in this daily dose of dawn... By: Shreya Basu © Quotidian Tales