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Ever wondered about the attribute of an Alphabet Book when you instinctively give it to your little one?

A conscious observation will reveal that among the first few things that a child, more often than not, engages with is an Alphabet Book. Though languages become a part of her life, the moment she starts picking up sounds, it is only through an ABC book that a child, yes unknowingly, is made to step into the world of literacy and wholesome education. In fact, the book initiates in a tender mind the interesting yet intriguing process of associating visuals with sounds and then attaching a name (a noun) to it, just before it is linked or made to represent an object or a concept in the real world. So somehow an Alphabet Book unlocks a new space for the child, that into which she would very soon belong and make sense of.

Toddler with the alphabet book
Apparently, an Alphabet Book introduces a beginner to the letters of the alphabet, its capitals and lower case forms and eventually proceeds to the making of words, sentences and paragraphs. But there is much more happening than this predictable progression and the credit certainly goes to the way such basic books have evolved. An exemplary example would be A New Alphabet for Humanity by Leesa McGregor. Clearly this is the book that every parent and teacher needs right now at a time when humaneness is depleting by the moment from humanity.

Founded on heart-based values, A New Alphabet For Humanity exceeds rudimentary expectations and aims at raising kind and caring children. In this delightful read where E is for Empathy, F stands for Forgiveness and P represents Peaceful, we cannot overlook the deliberate task that this book means to undertake. The questions it asks and the instances it offers to explain the abstractions (feelings or states of being) are not only thoughtful but also thought-provoking. Take for example Q where Q is for Quality. The book says, “Quality is the time I spend with my family doing things together. Quality is also having good toys that last a long time.” What a rounded description of the word! It emphasises not only on the apparent, the standard or condition of a thing but the distinctive characteristic that can define relationships.

collage of pictures from the book

That Optimistic, Mindful, Joyful, Kind, Respectful are traits that can be instilled in a child at the embryonic stage of understanding the world is what makes Leesa McGregor and Daniela Sosa’s approach fresh and special. Notice U for Unity and D for Diversity might enable a kid to appreciate the potential of unity that emerges in bringing together diversity. Some interesting biological processes like Exhalation have also been illustrated in this book in such a lucid manner that a child will surely be motivated to discover its corollary mechanisms. In fact, browsing through the whole book brings the realisation that every alphabet is an opportunity to inculcate something that is powerful, positive and peremptory. Finally, what more can be asked for when Y is for Yes and Z is for Zen? After all, the parent ought to be overwhelmed to see her child imbibing the ‘Yes’ attitude and living the ‘Zen’ way. It is only then that a tomorrow can be expected that is benevolent, better and blissful.

collage of pictures from the book

By: Quotidian Tales

This article and the opinions expressed in it are personal opinions. It is not meant for imposing specific views or endorsing a particular way of life. Also please do ignore any errors or omissions that you might come across. We pledge to learn from them. Happy viewing.


Sanjoy said…
Nicely did the research on this book for proper growth of mind of a child from this book.
Unknown said…
Got the opportunity to know how the perspective of education has changed over the years.
Quotidian Tales said…
We are indeed so happy to be able to present this lovely book to the community.
Christine said…
Such a lovely book. Definitely want to get one for the classroom shelf.

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