Inking Indolence

Fountain pens are traditional, durable, enjoyable and stimulating - An incredible writing instrument that engages you in a therapeutic hobby.

Ramanuj listened to the morning news. He was ready to head out to work with his cup of fresh coffee and a slice of cake. On his way out, he grabbed his keys and hurriedly picked up his precious possession. Surprisingly, it was one from his prized collection of fountain pens.

fountain pen nib

Being an analyst by profession and having twin teens around kept him busy all day. It was amazing how he would manage time out of it to refill his fountain pen and consciously sit down with his special notebook to ink his daily gratification in distinctive cursive fonts. He named it his ‘inking indolence.’

He never had to practice it. It was his passion. Miraculously, he knew how to set aside his worries and unwind himself in a calm space with his fountain pen and notebook. Entirely focused on his handwriting and his pen and lost amidst a comfortable space, far from the hustling hotchpotch of his life, Ramanuj emerged content and renewed after a while.

Human beings are remarkably resilient. They often stretch themselves beyond limits. But before the snap or rather as one would say losing one's mind and body happens, it's needful to get back to normal by relaxing the hectic pace of life. Probably, that is what Ramanuj did. He curtailed a part of his busy life and replaced it slowly and steadily with his fountain pen, taking great care and time to enhance its quality.

Once I became used to Ramanuj's unusual pastime, I intended to learn more about fountain pens. I was curious to imbibe the spirit which could slow him down, a much needful task for the present generation. I fondly remembered the younger me, who always complained about having handwriting tasks at school in which only using fountain pens was permitted. Filling up the fountain pens and then making an inky mess was a regular routine. Precisely it was that activity which made me dislike a fountain pen and switch to its ballpoint and gel counterparts. My preference never changed until now when I once again desired to review this exceptional writing instrument.

fountain pen

The other day, I asked myself the question - “Why would someone use a fountain pen?” Four discrete words that defined the characteristics of the pen answered my question. I reasoned that the prime reasons for its fondness could be that it is traditional, durable, enjoyable and stimulating.

For centuries people have mentioned and used fountain pens. It was in the early and mid 19th century that different designs and technologies for fountain pens started receiving patents and, only then they got commercialized. Eventually, it emerged as the most elegant writing instrument. Several prominent personalities owned them as a proclamation of their high-status. After all, history too was handwritten. Being passed down generations, it soon became a grand tradition. In fact, durability boosted its traditional value. A fountain pen would easily last a lifetime and sometimes, was cherished as an heirloom.

Fountain pens are expensive, sturdy and reliable. A German company called Mont Blanc produces the most expensive fountain pens in the world and the care that they take to refine the final product is incredible. Fountain pens use liquid ink that flows effortlessly and requires less pressure to write. You can write just by relying on the weight of the pen. Thereby, you eliminate fatigue and focus on your handwriting and creativity, which makes it so much more enjoyable. It's also remarkable how many different ink categories and color choices are available with these magnificent pens.

Consistency is key to beautiful handwriting. Our eye is attracted to shapes that are symmetrical, aligned and spaced evenly. Fountain pens are choice writing instruments that enhance the beauty of writing and make it dynamic. Once you give it, its needful time, creativity oozes out of it. Each person is different and, so is his writing style. A fountain pen upholds such individual expressions and that is how it fits into an individual's style.

It also stimulates your brain as you learn to train your patience. You let go of everything else as you focus on the width, length, and curve of each stroke. You appreciate your art displayed in your favorite color and engage yourself with it. A therapeutic hobby, by all means!

No wonder Ramanuj emerges content. Re-energized to engage with his teens and take on the world as it unfolds itself. Inking indolence works indeed!

By: Joyeeta Mukherjee

This article and the opinions expressed in it are personal opinions. It is not meant for imposing specific views or endorsing a particular way of life. Also please do ignore any errors or omissions that you might come across. We pledge to learn from them. Happy viewing.


Rajrupa said…
Amazing one! Also, the pictures 🔥
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Wonderfully penned your thoughts

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