Book Review: The Perfect Gift

Who wouldn't love coloring, and that too, coloring one's perfect world?

It's a simple compilation that is unrestrained by its simplicity! "The Perfect Gift" allows readers to personalize the book to cater to their imagination and solace. That is where Lauren Persons has tingled the sense of wonderment for kids that can otherwise leave us adults clueless.

What we love about this book is that it's not just about drawing and coloring. It also features a cue on every other page to tap into your imagination as you color your way through the story. It's a fun and engaging way to keep your kid evoked as she unwinds and unfolds.

front cover of the book
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How would you address those who argue that coloring books are marketed primarily to children, and that adults should engage in more intellectually stimulating routines? Well, you can hand them this book that lets a grownup sit and contemplate the answers to every question on the blank pages and then add shades of color to it.

The Perfect Gift Review

This delightful, interactive story invites readers and their parents (and grandparents, teachers, friends) to consider what makes a 'perfect world' while acknowledging it isn't always so. It encourages exploring options for less than perfect days, developing resilience and encouraging the love of family. The Perfect Gift is a great book for all ages
Margaret Hill-Daniels (experienced mother, grandmother and counselor)

This is a good book because kids can draw from their imagination what a perfect world would look like. Their worlds will all be different, because all kids have different ideas in their heads. I wish I had this book.
Lucille Williard, age 5

I love The Perfect Gift! The message is clear and simple enough for children yet also poignant and inspiring for adults. It explains the simple truth that, despite our best intentions, life doesn't always go as planned. The book offers space for readers to generate ideas. By following the drawing and writing prompts, readers will discover internal strengths. They will find that, when they tap the creative visions that are alive within them, they can positively change how they feel and how they react to what's going on around them. The Perfect Gift is given when this book is read and experienced together.
Jan Thrope, LSW, community activist

Strewn with simple questions and vibrant illustrations, Lauren Persons and Noah Hrbek have set forth a book to let kids and adults settle down into their promising world. It's a marvel how one can personalize a copy of this book to present a whole different world or story to someone else. Undoubtedly, it's the must-have book for every kid's collection.

a page from the book

By: Quotidian Tales

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pedja said…
Nice review. Very interesting book, for the entire family.
Anthuwin Cuipdo said…
Very interesting book indeed. People of all ages can color their lives to their own imagination with this book!
Ambra said…
This book sounds really intriguing! I love how it encourages both kids and adults to explore their imagination and tackle life's challenges creatively. I think it would be a fun and stimulating read for the whole family!
Elaine said…
Great review. Sounds like a great book!!

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