Nurturing Yourself Through Grief

Healthful Healing After Losing a Child

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Losing a child is an incredibly painful experience. The level of grief that accompanies this profound loss can be overwhelming, completely exhausting your mind and body. While your grief may feel all-consuming, taking care of yourself and prioritizing your well-being is crucial to healing. Setting healthy goals can serve as a guiding light, providing you with a sense of purpose and a direction on which to focus your energy. In this article from Quotidian Tales, we’ll offer some small steps you can take to nurture yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally as you navigate your grief.

Chase Your Professional Dreams

Losing a child can prompt a shift in your sense of identity and purpose. Pursuing your professional dreams may be a good way to rediscover yourself and reconnect with your passions. For example, if you like the idea of working as an entrepreneur, consider channeling your grief into creative energy and starting a home-based business. Start slow and take it step by step. Forming an LLC can relieve some of the stress involved in becoming an entrepreneur, as LLCs protect business owners from personal liability. Consider filing an LLC yourself using an online formation service so you can avoid the cost of hiring a lawyer. Just be sure to read up on your state LLC rules first.

Chase Your Career

Making a career change is another way to find purpose in grief. This could be a good time to look for a more fulfilling career in a field that better aligns with your values and passions. Before hunting for a new position, take the time to update your resume with your relevant skills and accomplishments. You can always upload your resume to an online PDF editor if you need to make changes to a resume in PDF format.

Try to Get Moving

Exercise can be a powerful tool for coping with grief. Many experts recommend moderate exercise for those experiencing a loss. However, it’s important to listen to your body, as grief- related fatigue can increase your risk of injury when pushing through tough workouts. This is a time to be gentle with yourself and prioritize movement over strenuous activity. Even a simple walk around the block or relaxing yoga routine can help ease your grief.

Spend Some Time Outdoors

The healing power of nature is well-researched. Psychology Today reports that spending time in nature—or even simply viewing natural environments through a window—can help people feel more energized, increase pain tolerance, and speed healing. Connecting with nature is a great way to soothe your mind and body. Besides walking through a forest or spending time in a nearby park, consider starting a garden in your backyard to enjoy the many therapeutic benefits of engaging with the natural world around you.

Clean and Tidy

Engaging in the act of cleaning your home can serve as a therapeutic exercise when coping with grief. The structured task of organizing and purifying your space provides a sense of control and accomplishment, offering a temporary respite from the chaos of emotional pain. As you focus on the tangible, immediate results of your efforts, the rhythmic nature of cleaning can become meditative, helping to soothe your mind. For an added layer of self-care, using carcinogen-free cleaning products ensures that your environment is not only physically clean but also free from harmful chemicals. This mindful choice supports a healthier living space and aligns with taking care of oneself during the delicate process of grieving.

Engage in Acts of Kindness

Committing acts of kindness can provide a tangible outlet for the love you have for your lost child. This can help you honor your loved one while enjoying a small dose of positive emotions in a sea of grief. Some ideas include sending a thank-you card to someone you appreciate, volunteering in your community, or making a donation to a cause you value.

Be Kind to Yourself

Remember to extend your kindness to yourself. Grief often comes with feelings of guilt and self- blame, and it can be tough to dedicate time to your health and well-being when you’re feeling this way. Being kind to yourself means acknowledging the thoughts and emotions that arise while allowing space for self-care. Embrace kindness towards yourself as you pursue healthy goals.

Navigating the loss of a child can feel like an insurmountable challenge, but it’s important to remember that healing is possible. Whether it means making a career change, starting a business, planting a garden, or picking up a new exercise regimen, working toward healthy goals can contribute to your well-being and lay a strong foundation for healthful healing.

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Hazel Bridges is the creator of Aging Wellness, a website that aims to provide health and wellness resources for aging seniors. She challenges herself to live life to the fullest and inspire others to do so as well. After overcoming breast cancer at age 60, she vowed to never waste another second. She hopes to inspire and assist other seniors on their journey to health and wellness in their golden years.

By: Hazel Bridges(Guest writer)

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it is so important to go after what we want and dream. From Eva at
its not easy when it comes to grieves. this post has helped me alot.
Tyler said…
This is so important and helpful through such a hard and difficult emotion. Thank you for this post!

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