Zen Unlimited

That's me. A gawky girl with a head full of frizzy hair and a heart full of woolly emotions. An adolescent, in essence.

I'm waiting for my school bus to arrive. Yes, I'm still left with putting on my socks and shoes but that was just a minute's job.

A teen girl with her dog

The moment captures the one activity I did every single day before I left for school. Though I'm smiling in the pic, it was a forced one back then. Simply because I was not interested in getting myself clicked. But right now when I look at it, I feel so happy and grateful that my father had clicked us together that day.

The white puppy with fiercely intelligent eyes (I know I'm being the bragging mom here!) and a really wet snout was Zen. I called him by that name the day he came into life. Of course, I can boast about the Zen philosophy here and put in some profound thinking that was behind the dog's dubbing. But no, nothing of that sort happened. Rather, a car called Maruti Zen had been recently launched. I'm not sure whether it was a liking for that car or just the zing in the name that the little boy got to be called Zen.

Being an adolescent, I'm sure you'll agree with me on this, is the most volatile, and sometimes, even a vicious phase in a person's life. You are often your own enemy. While contrariness is the ruling characteristic, loneliness is its corollary.

When you're going through such a time, all you need is unquestioned and unconditional affection. The need to hold close and feel cozy. Someone who is always overjoyed to see you and mellow when you are moist. Someone who has no questions to ask and no answers to offer. Ready to accept you as you are at a juncture when you find it difficult to accept yourself. That is what a pet can do for you and more.

That is what Zen did for me as long as he was around. A blessing in the shape of a quadruped and a presence with the power of an uplifter.

May is the month of Mental Health Awareness. So, I thought why not share something or rather mention someone who took care of my mental health. Better than anyone ever could by just being there for me, every time, all the time. My Zen.

If your child or anyone for that matter looks anxious and aloof, may be you could try getting a pet for him or her. Attachment heals and happiness happens. By the way, don't forget to try the therapy for yourself too.

By: Promita Banerjee Nag

This article and the opinions expressed in it are personal opinions. It is not meant for imposing specific views or endorsing a particular way of life. Also please do ignore any errors or omissions that you might come across. We pledge to learn from them. Happy viewing.


Tori said…
What a sweet story! I'm glad you had Zen at that time of your life!
Pedja said…
Very mature and sincere post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!
Promita said…
Thank you for your understanding and appreciation.

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