Book Review : Grateful to be Grace

A compelling story for teaching a child to say "I choose to do" and develop the practice of Positive Thinking…

Don't we all have a difficult time getting our kids do simple chores? Don't we feel upset when they refuse to listen to our instructions and be productive? Don't we wonder what we could tell them to help them take right decisions and develop the right attitude towards life? Then this book by the versatile author, Maggy Williams, has the perfect solution to our complications and concerns.

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Through lively illustrations and a conversational presentation, we come across the daily dilemmas of a girl called Grace and how she usually responds to them. Till one day, her Dad explains to her that "…most times, we do have a choice." The word "choice" acts as a trigger and she feels "an inner shift" and from that moment, every activity that she accomplishes is her decision and not a compulsion.

Grace cleans up her room, washes off the sand after playing with her friends, enjoys the meal her stepmom has prepared, goes to bed on time, hugs her parents before going to sleep and feels grateful for "all the gifts of each day." So, by changing her attitude and shifting her actions from 'have to' to 'choose to,' we notice how Grace practises appreciation and thankfulness. She also learns to uplift her mood, be happy and feel precious and peaceful while discarding negative traits like complaining, opposing and being chaotic.

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Grateful to be Grace is, therefore, the perfect book for your kid as it will empower her to make the right choices, do every task or chore wholeheartedly, feel the right way for parents and elders, nurture a positive attitude towards life and experience the greatness of gratitude.

Grateful to be Grace Review

At any age, it is hard to feel that you have little or no choice in your day-to-day life. Grace realizes that if she can look at expectations in a different way, both her day and mood improves. This book is a perfect choice to share with children in summer camp, school, in therapy and at home.
Theresa Fraser, CYC-P, CPT-S, MA, RP, RCT, CT, trauma, loss and attachment clinical specialist

Grateful to Be Grace is not another book that tells kids to behave. It shows that when Grace makes the choice to be thankful, her perspective and attitude change. I love how Grace's parents model encouragement rather than focusing on poor behavior. It's a feel-good book. Children are empowered to learn the ways they can experience gratitude.
Jill Osborne, EdS, LPC, CPCS, RPTS, author of Sam Feels Better Now!

Grateful to be Grace is a sweet story about making choices. Delivered in rhyme with colorful pictures, the book helps children consider their options and consequences when choosing between immediate gratification and longer-term gains. When children understand the reasoning behind a parental request, they are more willing to show compliance. This story helps children take responsibility for the decisions they make--a valuable lesson they will utilize throughout life. A bonus is the positive role models represented in a blended family and the representation of racially diverse characters.
Laurie Zelinger, PhD, ABPP, RPT-S, Board Certified Psychologist, author of Please Explain "Anxiety" to Me!

By: Quotidian Tales

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Anonymous said…
The book is very much helpful to all parents to grow and build up their kids on their own choices.
Aleksa said…
I would love to read this book for my little niece. Thank you for sharing.
lgriggs said…
Nice review! Looks like a great book for kids learning to make their own good decisions!
Fransic Verso said…
Interesting book, I will suggest this book to my parents for my little brother to read. He love reading books.
Quotidian Tales said…
Hope this review and the book serves as an asset for kids and parents.

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