Is it Good to Brood on Yesterday?

As you constantly relive memories that fill you up with remorse or pain.

What does it mean to Brood on Yesterday?

It means that you keep thinking about a regretful past. In your mind, you repeatedly experience an event or situation that upset you, which can be injurious to your mental health. You might pity yourself for making poor choices or think about how you could have done things differently. Some people think that brooding is a form of self-reflection that helps acknowledge previous mistakes and learn from them. However, brooding is like worrying and grueling oneself over errors of the past; hence, it is not in any way useful or healthy.

What happens when you Brood on Yesterday?

There is nothing wrong with recalling an episode of the past for insight and finding a solution to a recurring problem. You understand that you didn’t do your best before and that there is always room for improvement. When you brood, you let a former incident overwhelm you by immersing yourself in the unpleasant feelings of that time. This practice leads to chronic depression because the brooder traps themselves in a dark place of their mind rather than rising above his/her fears. Intrusive thoughts clutter the headspace, so it becomes difficult to think rationally.

Brooding leads to cognitive decline; therefore abilities of perception, decision-making, and problem-solving deteriorate. People who brood on yesterday cannot let go of their past and they make believe that history will repeat itself. I shall explain the phenomenon with a real-life example of my friend Dustin who got stood up at the altar a few years ago. It was indeed one of the most distressing moments of his life, which caused colossal emotional damage. Starting a family with his beloved was his dream, and he was devastated when it shattered.

Dustin seemed to have recovered from the tragedy a few months later, but he was scarred internally. He developed major trust issues and could never commit to another relationship afterward. Every time my friends and I tried to set him up or encouraged him to start dating again, he couldn’t stop himself from revisiting that ill-fated wedding day. Several months of therapy and meditation helped him gain mindfulness and optimism. He cannot forget what happened, but he now realizes that there is no point in dwelling on it and wasting a potentially beautiful present. Since brooding seeds depression, it can make way for various other health issues like alcoholism, an eating disorder, and heart problems. It makes you feel hapless and ungrateful for what you have right now. It can come in the way of your life goals and ambitions, dragging you down to your lowest point.


Why brood on yesterday when you can seize the moment? You have no control over your past and future, but you can certainly navigate your present. What’s done is done, so it makes sense to concentrate on ‘now’. It doesn’t matter how big of a blunder you caused yesterday, as long as you are striving to be the best version of yourself today. If you ever feel guilty, humiliated, or stupid for something you did or didn’t do a long time ago, don’t beat yourself over it. The time you spend on repenting and hurting yourself can be put to better use. Brooding on yesterday is no good to you or the world. Do something that would make you feel good about yourself, and perhaps make the world a better place.

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John Adams is a lifestyle blogger and paralegal at a family law firm. He writes about widespread social and legal issues, aiming to help readers solve problems and overcome traumatic experiences. He aims to reach out to individuals who are unaware of their legal rights and make the world a better place.

By: John Adams(Guest writer)

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Chandan said…
We should never waste our time regretting about past. Rather we should look forward and go ahead with the lesson learnt from the past.
Anonymous said…
well thought

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