Book Review : Can You Explain Anxiety?

With Simple Biology and Solutions for Children and Parents.

Most of us grown-ups rarely take notice of anxiety or would rather say never acknowledge the state of stress in our kids. We often consider it a daily occurrence that invariably concludes with an adult reassuring the kid that there is no need to worry or stress out. Or sometimes even labeling it as a dramatic outpour!

Please Explain Anxiety cover page

Please explain "Anxiety" to me! - is a one-of-its-kind of book that reveals the behind-the-scenes of when a kid is anxious. After reading this book, a grown-up realizes the need to sit down with his kid and listen to why he is anxious? One understands the spectacle behind such an event - and forge a deep understanding of the mechanisms at work, like the nifty explanation of an on-off switch.

The sympathetic nervous system in our body switches on when we think we're in danger. A small part of our brain makes that happen. It's called the amygdala (a-mig'-da-la). It remembers all the other times we were afraid and makes us react the same way.

This wee fact helps the kid understand the precise process behind his feelings. The book also illustrates the various therapeutic techniques advised by the authors, Dr. Laurie Zelinger and his son Dr. Jordan Zelinger. These techniques invariably function and, the kid soon starts looking forward to them and embracing them.

The on/off switch
Anxiety is a very complex feeling. It is distinct for different people, and hence defining it is tricky. We can only explain it with experience. Each person then devises a unique way to handle it. This book provides several ways to manage anxiety. Each child can read through the methods and adopt and adapt one or the other way to get over his moments of stress.

Please explain "Anxiety" to me! - has won our hearts with a simple story, braced by lovely illustrations and valuable techniques! We highly recommend it to help parents understand the different aspects of anxiety and, in turn, enable their young kids to devise their way of steering out of the situation.

Learn how to control your on/off switch!

Please Explain "Anxiety" to Me! Review

On any given day, around thirty percent of my patients have anxiety related symptoms. The simplicity and completeness of the explanations and treatment of anxiety given in this book is remarkable. Defining the cause, treating the core symptoms, and most importantly bringing it to a child's level accompanied by wonderful illustrations, is an incredible feat. I will definitely use this book in my practice.
Zev Ash, M.D. F.A.A.P., Pediatrician

This excellent book is perfect for parents to read and discuss with their children. It's also perfect for school professionals to use in the school setting.
Herb R. Brown, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools Oceanside Public Schools, New York

Please Explain Anxiety to Me! Simple Biology and Solutions for Children and Parents by Laurie Zelinger, PhD, and Jordan Zelinger is a book that explains what anxiety is and why it exists. The second part of the book gives ideas and suggestions for getting rid of anxiety. I would recommend this book to kids who have too much anxiety and need to learn how to control it. Please Explain Anxiety to Me! would also help the friends of kids who have anxiety problems to understand what is going on.
Evan Weldon (age 8) for Reader Views

By: Quotidian Tales

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NF said…
I deal with anxiety myself on a regular basis. Education on the subject is crucial. Glas to see you're giving it the attention it needs!
Debbie said…
This sounds like a worthy read to help explain anxiety. Education is key!

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