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Make this a Christmas that you can happily recollect years later. The fancies may fade away as the little one grows up, but the love will remain.

Someone knows I am indeed special because his present for me is always exactly the one that I want! The whole year round, I am so worried about the little troubles I make - scared that I will no longer be on his nice list. As winter settles in, I try to be the good girl. I pray for Santa to overlook my little mistakes and like every year be more indulgent with me.

Then one fine day before Christmas, I finally talk to Santa. All my worries fly away, and he magically ushers in the holiday spirit. I tell him about my family, my friends, about Christmas and the North Pole and also my present. I know Santa watches over me the whole year round and although I’m naughty at times, he believes in me and makes sure never to disappoint me during Christmas. I blindly rest my faith on him. Over and over again, following it through every year!

Stupendous excitement and profound belief nurture itself in the heart of this eight-year-old, bringing in love, compassion, hope and strength in the coming years of her life. Millions of children around the world have feelings alike, and let us keep it glowing the same way in every heart. Let us save this treasured family tradition!

It is the most magical time of the year. Amidst the global pandemic, Santa and his elves are working harder to make more magic happen, so every child feels even more special. They want to deliver the holiday spirit of this season right within your hearts and homes. Santa wants to talk to and hear from little girls and boys from around the world, and he has honed his tech skills as well, to make this magic happen.

Talk To Santa Live Video Call

One of its kind websites, Talk to Santa assists in creating these magical moments. It connects children directly to Santa through live video chat experiences. Children can talk to Santa and share their wishes and hopes. Also, receive a certificate of standing on Santa’s Nice List! If they want they can even download a copy of the live video as a keepsake, or share with family and friends.

The website offers lovely ways to contact Santa. We have mentioned some of them. Explore Talk to Santa to seize one such novel experience. It also promises a one of a kind memory for kids who do not have the opportunity to meet Santa upfront.

Quotidian Tales wants to deliver the joy of Christmas to your homes and families. It has been a challenge to keep our holiday traditions alive while balancing our current lifestyle. Families and friends are farther away from each other, tied up in their busy schedules. With the year 2020, a more substantial hurdle is COVID. Among all the uncertainties, Talk to Santa can bring in the warmth and joy of Christmas to your home. Lets enlighten our Christmas this year!

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By: Quotidian Tales

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  1. Reminded me of Christmas celebration in our school.. and brought back childhood to me.. Thanks for the reminder that Christmas shud remain as enjoyable as always, With Santa,Yes!!

  2. It's too good. I loved every bit ❤️


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