On Our First Anniversary

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It's unbelievable how time flies. You never know, and soon you become a year old or more effectively as for the group of Quotidian Tales, a year wiser!

It has been a wondrous one year for us! We couldn't thank our enthusiastic readers and their friends and families enough. Barely could we reach out to each one of you who read Quotidian Tales and enjoyed it. So here we take the opportunity to thank you for showing so much love and support throughout the year. Each day, you motivated us to keep writing, which made this first year so much more manageable. We enjoyed and loved your comments and likes that spurred us to keep marching ahead.

It was the beginning of 2019 when we procured thoughts of expressing ourselves. Soon our excitement started piling up in google docs. We at least had one new document each week that was not even content. Color Palettes, Before Launch to-dos, Good to go, Pipeline - one person named it, and the other spontaneously created a document. One of us had to spend an hour each week rearranging them. Amongst the hard work and all the excitement brewed our rich morning coffee, and all of it served the best stipulations for our website to sprout.

One of our big tasks was naming the blog. Our initial suggestion and probably one that still exists behind the scenes was Heels-and-Flats. Appropriate as it was for a group of girls like us - google didn't show off the best results. Completely skewed with our intentions, a search with that name displayed online shoe stores! We discarded it and happily came up with Quotidian Tales.

But all year round, we were unmistakably in those shoes, whether it was tipping on a heel or taking real bold strides in our flats. No matter what, we were always happy. Little arguments crept up, but dandelions of success stifled every surmised harshness, and a year passed off.

Like every first anniversary, we want to celebrate hard and celebrate with our readers. Many times our readers and well-wishers have intended to know more about us and the names of those who invariably contribute to the website. So on the first anniversary, Quotidian Tales has decided to celebrate the individuals who stayed behind the scenes.

We are a group of friends. Our story will tell you a little more about our friendship that weaved itself on the very grounds of our beloved school Calcutta Girls’ High School.

Promita Banerjee Nag, Sanhita Sinha, Shreya Basu, and Joyeeta Mukherjee. Baptizing each of us who made Quotidian Tales a success. Each one took distinctive roles in the initial fabrication of the website and continues to mould it. Promita is our chief writer and editor. Sanhita is our prime photographer. Shreya contributes with her collection of poems and Joyeeta is the technical director and collaborator. As much as our principal positions reside, once in a while, we do exchange hats to balance our life.

There go our prominent roles. However, over the past year and to our surprise, all of us emerged as writers with notable stories from our personal lives. What better platform than Quotidian Tales? We have revealed the writers for each article that previously registered as Quotidian Tales. You can always scroll to the bottom of the post to check it or search for a particular writer on the website's search bar.

Another needful mention is our plans to guide the future of Quotidian Tales. Our short term goal is to bring to you beautiful tales from yours and ours quotidian lives that are motivational and offer guidance for leading a beautiful life. In the long term, we want to be ever-growing so that we can reach out to more individuals whose stories need to come to the forefront. Always loved by our readers, we want to secure a relationship that will let us become the most loved platform for quotidian stories that reside in every nook and corner of our homes.

All that said, it's now time to bring in the best content from our past year. We put together our favorite and most viewed top 10 stories from Quotidian Tales. Hoping you will love this collection.

Designed or Destined?... A Lockdown Tale
Durga's Homecoming
Do you know A Mrs Sen?
I Love My Body
Without Water
I'll just be Happy Today
From Forgiveness to Freedom
Nurturing Beyond AI
My daily dose of dawn

We also want to bring to you our statistics - aka 'Community'!

59K total all-time views
700+ followers on Pinterest
179 likes and followers on Facebook
133 comments (Some are so close to our heart, we will add them to our social walls) and finally
40 Posts - A triumphing annual milestone to which our souls hum!

Even as we reveal individually, Quotidian Tales hasn't changed a tit-bit. We are the same and promise to deliver to you more amazing stories and speculations from our life. We are ever more confident in enrolling in our second year. We envision a delightful course ahead as the website continues to grow with your love and support.

And last but not the least, do not forget that you can even grab an opportunity to write with us! We need your words and your thoughts. So email and contact us at quotidiantales@gmail.com.

By: Joyeeta Mukherjee

This article and the opinions expressed in it are personal opinions. It is not meant for imposing specific views or endorsing a particular way of life. Also please do ignore any errors or omissions that you might come across. We pledge to learn from them. Happy viewing.


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