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A unique range of kitchen products to enrich your experience in the kitchen and enhance your 'kitchen happiness' - That's what Zulay Kitchen is all about!

Now, you might wonder as to why and how they're doing anything different than what other companies contend. We also had a similar question, and that is when we sank right to the bottom of their kitchen story. It's a simple story which encapsulates the quotidian tale of every family and one where you can instantly discover your culinary space.

Aaron and Withey Cordovez with kids

In the year 2015, a company was born to celebrate and share the 'kitchen happiness', which resided in the very hearts of Aaron Cordovez, the co-founder of Zulay Kitchen and his wife, Whitney Cordovez. Today they have successfully touched many hearts and bellies through their love and their products. And we are more than delighted to bring their story to you.


The story goes back to Zulay, an outstanding lady, who was born and brought up in a poverty-stricken Venezuela. She came to the US with her two kids and fought her way through the numerous challenges that life had in store for her. Being single with two kids was never easy, and yet she always found time to cook healthy traditional meals. She is an extraordinary mom, who effortlessly kept her sons happy with her kitchen skills, and to the extent that today her grit reflects on her name etched on kitchen products.

Moms stirring up delicious and healthy meals to a kid’s command is often ignored until the kid grows up to become a parent. Now, married and with children, Aaron Cordovez proudly lauds his mother, "I see how much of a superhero mom she was!" Indeed, a grand truth that epitomizes Zulay!

Further, she was able to foster the 'kitchen happiness' in her two kids, which fueled the birth of Zulay kitchen. A small family-owned business with a throbbing heart! Be it product design or marketing or gaining the love and trust of customers, they do it all with absolute passion, and that is why we adore them. They even pledge to try and test their products in their kitchen before bringing it to their customers.

It would be unfair not to bring up their best mentions. Read along, a few great reviews – Other Mentions

Aaron and his wife believe that cooking should be quick and easy, so one gets more time to spend with their loved ones. How can you build precious moments without your near and dear ones? And to relish those moments ever after, there's no better spell than a quick traditional and wholesome meal.

In their words, "We’re just like you! We have families, no time and limited money. We want to cook delicious, nutritious food and treats for them while making the most out of our budget. So we’ve put together a collection of time-saving, money-saving kitchen gadgets that we use, and we wanted to share."

Zulay Kitchen aims simply at what it says. The milk frother is a perfect example. It's light, easy to use and makes luscious creamy froth in seconds and to top it all, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. You do not want to miss one of these if you are a coffee lover or want to delight your kid with a glass of frothy milk. They will love their puffy mustaches!

Zulay Kitchen has a simple story that narrates their love and dedication to their business. With unique and robust products, they keep their customers happy and committed. We wish them all the best as they cross every milestone on their journey and continue prospering.

Quotidian Tales loves and adores Zulay Kitchen and proudly promotes their story! We also have a set of products below from Zulay Kitchen for you to explore. Enjoy them and shower yourself with 'kitchen happiness!'

non-stick donutpan set cold brew coffee-maker kids bento-box top-rated lemon-lime-squeezer

Few best mentions of Zulay Kitchen:

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