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Hello Kolkata!!

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The event features Ms.ZSUZSA GAJDAN, whose artwork is inspired from her adventure of life. Covering more than 50 solo exhibitions, she has grown from artistic realism and gradually moved towards abstract expressionism. Click here to learn her bio and know more about her work.

This event is organized by IMA'S and promoted by Quotidian Tales.

A gorgeous morning illuminates the entire universe and makes every being happy. Without this seeping daylight, the complete ecosystem is dysfunctional.

Similarly, in our society, if we can’t distribute our love, affection and well-being, the entire human community is jeopardized. This lack willingly encourages depreciation of human values.

IMA'S (International Multispecialty Arts’ School) having felt the need, has emerged with a dream of bringing art into the community. Community development has always been a serious concern of IMA'S, and this initiative is a step towards it.


There was a time when art and culture were considered extracurricular activities. But now there has been a significant shift in its perception. From becoming extracurricular, they have been recognised as co-curricular activities. The acceptance is universal and unflinching.

If arts and cultural activities penetrate the community, it will start respecting and believing in its values. In turn, good ideas and morals will be generated from those inherent values, thereby establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Only a few months back, IMA’S started its journey with this paradigm. The intention was to develop such core values amongst its students, teachers, mentors and thereby people in general.

Within a short span, it has been able to start three regular classes in 8 disciplines. Besides, it has organized eight workshops in different disciplines under efficient facilitators, who are reputed in both national and international fields of art and culture. IMA’S has also been able to expand its influence into the international arena by organizing World Children’s Picture Contest hosted by IE-NO-Hikari Association, Tokyo, Japan.


IMA’S is proud to declare its next international event in mid-November, 2019. Ms.Zsuzsa Gajdan, an eminent Hungarian painter has been cordially invited to this event to share her valuable experience. She will be here with IMA’S to participate in different art camps in Kolkata and Darjeeling.

IMA’S strongly believes that continuous involvement in such activities will help achieve its objective and make the difference that it desires. With that in mind, IMA’S humbly requests every viewer to please come forward and encourage team IMA’S by participating, giving a suggestion or by helping in whatever way he deems necessary for nurturing a beautiful society.

REGISTER ONLINE to participate in this event and click here to learn more about IMA'S and its ongoing activities.


I have completed my studies in Hungary. I graduated as a drawing master in 1976 and got a Masters degree the same year.

I frequently participate in Hungarian and international art activities, exhibitions and workshops to acquaint on a roader level in the contemporary arts. Strong colours, gestures and light are present on my pictures.

My art has grown from artistic realism, but later, I gradually reached abstract expressionism, which has proved the best way of expressing my feelings and thoughts. Who are we? Where do we come from and where are we going?

I construct my pictures from layers, sometimes I use manuscripts (handwritten texts) and fragments of other pictures, to express my message for humans. I love the gold colour, which represents terrestrial and celestial glory.

The adventure of life is very important for me, that inspires my art. I observe, select and balance in life. What I need, I store, burning it in my mind. What is needless, I delete.

I have had more than 50 individual (solo) exhibitions in Hungary and other countries of Europe and India, China, and Egypt.

Promoted By: Quotidian Tales

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