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A blog was born to share the quotidian tales of life. Tales of your lives and ours.

Five happy women with different personalities

Randomness struck us as we bonded, not on the first day of the primary, junior or even senior school for that matter, but in the 11th grade with only a mere one and a half years left to step out of our second homes. Two shabby, squeaking benches, one behind the other, was the space that metamorphosed our experiences from the general to the distinctive. From sharing lunchboxes to sharing lives, all extempores coagulated to form that envious rainbow, which, sadly enough, disappeared once the conducive conditions were lost. Hardly did we realise how time raced us through its course as we shifted from pulling each other’s legs, mimicking teachers, enjoying moments of unadulterated fun to writing absurdities and absolutes in our precious slam books.

Sparks produced sparkles, and once in a while, we paused, pondered and decided to proceed….We ventured to discuss and disclose the quotidian tales of life. Yours and ours.

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Stray meet-ups and infrequent calls followed till time took the better of the tie and every individual was consumed with a pursuit that promised to shape our lives. Life, however, kept on presenting pithy parcels of pleasantness as once in a while one of us bumped into the other in different cities, mostly by happenstance, and always with the keenness to catch up.
A group of women gossiping
Then one day, a friend, the only believer of the Bollywood superstar’s cheesy “jab puri kayanaat…” dialogues decided to tap into social media to create a group, our group, and see if we could once again recreate the consonance that constituted us. Little vignettes started getting exchanged between us, abruptly and unknowingly, till again that friend who generated the group invited all of us for a meet up at her place. As in our school days, we got complete access into each other’s timelines and it seemed like we still couldn’t get the most of them.

Sparks produced sparkles, and once in a while, we paused, pondered and decided to proceed. On rare occasions, the intangible eluded us and in one of those mystic moments, our blog was conceived. However, it took a random call from the west to declare its birth - another friend who suggested that we donned our motherly hats and assume new responsibilities. We ventured to discuss and disclose the quotidian tales of life. Yours and ours.

A complete rainbow after the storm

This is how our journey began and now we invite you all to hear us loud as we tinkle our glasses to celebrate “our wrinkle in time”.

By: Promita Banerjee Nag

This article and the opinions expressed in it are personal opinions. It is not meant for imposing specific views or endorsing a particular way of life. Also please do ignore any errors or omissions that you might come across. We pledge to learn from them. Happy viewing.


  1. Keep those sparkles alive... It takes courage and effort to touch the surface without acknowledging its temperature and reminds me of the saying, 'life is a series on inspired follies'... it's diurnal, bleeding and beautiful and thus love the name Quotidian. My only suggestion - don't stop, even if times are unfavorable - for the consequence of a single story is this, it robs people of their dignity... amazing start and all the best!

  2. Nicely written.

    Wish to read more such stories.

  3. I love how you write! I am simply in love with the way you put the thoughts into words, how your thoughts flow, and how you do not - thank God! - lower the standard of your writing to an 'average' reader. The language you write it is beautiful :)


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